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Neuro Linguistic Programming
Are You Stressed?
If you are not quite ready to make an appointment yet, but would like to discuss further information, please feel free to contact Enza for a FREE 10 minute, confidential discussion regarding how we may serve you.

Contact details can be found here
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If you are now ready to end the pain and confusion you are experiencing in your life, consider coaching with us at We have an in-depth knowledge about various issues and dynamics, strategies and solutions.
Are You Confused?

Master Manipulators
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        e-Book on
Claim Your
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Master Manipulators



Build Confidence


Career Coaching (Discover Your Passion)
& Enhance Your Work Performance

Change A Current Undesired Behaviour

Communication Skills - Improvement

Coping With Health Challenges

Couple's Coaching

Divorce / Separation

Emotional / Psychological Abuse Dynamics & How To Protect Yourself / Manage

Emotional State - Learn How To Manage It

Family Dynamics Breakdown

Services Available
Health - Create Better Habits

Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Loneliness & Isolation

Loss & Grief

Motivation & Goal Setting

Negative Emotions - Learn How To Liberate Yourself From Them

Personal Challenges


Self-Talk Learn How To Manage It

Sleep Issues

Smoking Cessation - Quit & Live Longer

Weight Issues

Work / Life Balance & Management

Workplace Challenges (Bullying) Power Struggles

YOU ! - Get To Understand YOURSELF Better
I can help . . .
I use the following effective therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I offer empathy, clarity, effectivenss and safety.
Various Examples Of Problems
I Can Assist You With Are:
Relationship Coaching & Support
Strategies to protect from abuse
Create greater confidence
Identifying abuse dynamics
Empower yourself
Improve time management
Reduce stress levels
Release limiting beliefs

Be validated
Improve your communications
Manage your emotional states
Manage your ‘self talk’
Create better health habits
Create positive thinking
Achieve goals & desired outcomes
Enhance career and work performance
Understand yourself better
Liberate yourself from negative emotions
It's The Key To Your Success
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