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Welcome To My Blog . . .
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People & Books, Who & Which Have Positively
Influenced My Life & Learnings
The great Mr Bob Proctor, (The Secret) the Master of Masters of The Mind and The Key To Success! What an honour! (2007) Teacher and Trainer, truly inspiring.
Mr Duanne Alley, the Master of NLP and the mind, fantastic! (2008) Teacher and Trainer, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Christopher Howard
Mr Jamie McIntyre, teacher and trainer, educating people to follow their passions and that there are other ways to work and enjoy life! Brilliant. (2011)
Mr George Faddoul, teacher and trainer, NLP, truly a sweet, honest and inspiring person (2011)
Mr Mark Victor Hanson - Chicken Book For The Soul Series! What an honour to meet him (2007)
Mr Paul Martinelli, what a motivator, what an inspiring person! (2007)
Mr Nick Le Force, one of the great Masters of NLP and the mind, fantastic! (2011) Teacher and Trainer, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, QC Seminars
Ms Robert Faddoul, amazing teacher, trainer, inspirier, and motivator! Thank you for the learnings. QC Seminars (2011)
Ms Tara Moss, Author, Educator, Advocate for Women's and Children's Rights, and Model. Author of the book, 'The Fictional Woman' (2014)
Ms Stacey Schieffelin, beauty guru, home shopping queen, creator of the make up brand YBF - Your Best Friend. What a lovely lady, motivator, role model and truly uplifting and inspiring person. Á genuine heart. Thank you for all the ta tas! You always put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart Stacey. Love ya! (2014)
Ms Patricia Evans, Author of the Verbally Abusive Relationship Series of books, what an honour. (2008)
I share these trainings, experiences and books with you to demonstrate an insight into my coaching and counselling style, which have been to great benefit to myself and my many satisfied clients. I go far and beyond the limitations of conventional 2 dimensional thinking. I believe there is always a solution and healing to every perceived problem or situation. I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques in my practice. I believe we all have the tools to turn our lives around and create what we wish for in our lives. We are brilliant and limitless. Let us not be bound by other people’s ideas and limitations, but go far and beyond in a healthy and safe way, to what is our most prized gift, our imagination, our potential and our personal power.
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Mr Taki Moore, Results Coach and Marketing Guru, Pure Genius. (2015)
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